From contract to closing and beyond, our Firm is able to assist buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants alike with their real estate needs.

We assist businesses and individuals with all types of real estate matters, including:

  • The sale and purchase of property;
  • Leasing issues;
  • Land use;
  • Breach of lease;
  • Eviction;
  • Security deposit disputes;
  • Contract creation and breach of contract disputes;
  • Real estate tax disputes (aka VAB Appeal);
  • Zoning issues;
  • Foreclosure defense; and,
  • Seller Financing.

Whether you’re entering a real estate transaction or are in the midst of a dispute, you could benefit from professional help. Joshua Feygin, PLLC is here to assist you. Our firm knows about the many challenges of real estate law. Contact us today to learn more about working together.


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